Global CTB Review: How Does This Broker Maintain Its Leading Position In The Market?

Online trading is a profitable investment option and the number of active online traders increases every day. However, it is not as easy as just opening an account and starting trading. You need to research and spend time to find a brokerage firm that will fulfil your criteria. You should keep your background and financial position into mind when looking for trading firms.

One firm that openly accepts and facilitates traders of all types is Global CTB. Global CTB Trading is an online trading firm that is among the leading brokers in the market. You may come across some articles like Global CTB Scam on the internet, but I assure you that those are just some tactical articles by competing firms.

Features Of Global CTB That Help Keep Its Leading Position

·         Easy Banking

As an online trader, you have to deal with a lot of online banking for transactions. It can be annoying if the trading firm requires you to go through a long process every time you want to make a deposit or take out a withdrawal. Global CTB has provided various methods of transactions to make it easier for traders. These methods include debit/credit cards, bank wire transfers, cryptos, and e-wallets.You can choose whichever method of transaction suits you the best. You will find that the broker does not charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals.

·         Reliable Customer Support

Global CTB has a customer service that is advisable for real-time communication 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can get in touch with them using emails, phone numbers, and the direct message feature that is provided on the website. Furthermore, you can even visit their head offices which are located in various countries. Its quick-response service is one of the contributing features to its leading position in the market.

·         Assets

This broker supports a wide list of assets for trade. What makes this so great is that traders can invest in openings from a variety of different markets. This brings exposure to new traders as well as help professional traders build a diverse portfolio. The assets that this trading firm supports include forex, cryptocurrency, bonds, shares, oil, and metals.

·         CFD Trading

You will be glad to find that Global CTB allows CFD trading with all of its assets. CFD trading stands for Contract for Difference and allows you to sign contracts for assets instead of using your money for investments. This provides you with increased liquidity to invest in other assets and is a great way to reach your financial goals faster.

·         Learning Resources

The trading firm provides a range of impressive learning resources to the traders. It is important to be familiar with the terms and news about the financial market. You can access a limited number of these resources as a visitor. Registered users have much more access to these materials and also have additional resources available to them.


Global CTB Trading is a brokerage firm that provides many useful features and services to its customers. I am sure that reading this article will have given you a glimpse of how this brokerage firm maintains its leading position in the market. The firm has freed itself of any Global CTB Scam claims by publishing its regulatory license.

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