Vlogging Is Taking The World By Storm – Here’s How To Get Started

Vlogging And What You’ll Need To Get Started

Videoblogging (or Vlogging) can be powerful tool not only in digital business and affiliate marketing, but even just as a means to share a certain idea, story, or even way of life with the rest of the world. Similar to how a blog would be used to share an idea, so too can a video blog be used to share that idea – only in a way that will have people paying attention to the content in a different variety of ways.

As such, videoblogging can be a combination of just about anything. It can be part digital diary, part art, part novice filmmaking – really anything the vlogger wants to put out there into the online domain.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

This is only a basic list of what you’ll need to get started as a regular vlogger:

  • A recent computer. Or in other words, a computer not too old or out of date. In computer terms, this means a pc capable of running Windows XP or newer, or a Mac running on at least Mac OS X. These are the bare minimum. Even more recent than these would obviously be better. The general rule is that if your computer is older than 5 years, it will probably only end up frustrating your videoblogging process and efforts.
  • A stable connection. As in internet connection – and preferably something fairly high-speed such as broadband, DSL, cable, etc.
  • A means to move a video or image from a camera to your computer. This essentially means that you will need either a webcam or a digital camcorder with a USB cable. You could even go analog – in which case it will have to be an analog camcorder equipped with a FireWire cable.
  • A tripod. A tripod for vlogging purposes need not be a major financial investment. You can buy a short and sturdy tripod for around £10 – and sometimes even for less than that. The trick is simply to shop around online.
  • Software with which to view videos. Since there a several great freely downloadable options, this part is easy. Try googling QuickTime and Windows Media Player.
  • Software with which to edit your videos. Our recommendation would be that you invest in a slightly more advanced type of video-editing software such as Adobe Premier or PowerDirector 365. Remember that whatever you choose should fall within your budget as well as be capable of doing what you will ultimately need it to do. There are literally hundreds of reviews available for you to browse through on the internet.

What To Avoid And Why

Vlogging can be a time-consuming effort or pastime and its far harder than when you play right here or relax at home. Be sure to make a mental note of the following to help save you time and frustration:

  • Avoid using music. Remember that most music is copyrighted. This means that you can’t use just any song from a huge artist when creating online content that will eventually enter the public domain. And since trying to hunt down music that won’t land you in legal twang is super time-consuming, avoid using music as far as possible.
  • People prefer “real” to fancy. For this reason, try to avoid fancy titles and transitional effects. Simply being real and being you will go a long way. You’ll see.

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